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Toddler tints
Toddler tints
Toddler tints
Toddler tints
Toddler tints
Toddler tints
Toddler tints

Toddler tints

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Toddler Tints are the latest technology in child window shades.

You no longer need to worry about blind spots that other window shades on the market create. They're a removal film that protect children from the sun and reduce heat and glare. Applied to the inside of the window much like a sticker, the shade has a cute pattern on the side facing your child but can't be seen from the outside. 

Sun Protection

Block heat, glare and protect your child from harmful UV rays

No Blind Spots

toddler tintsTM  do not affect driver visability nor do they block the view for your child.

Universal Fit

Designed to custom fit and adhere perfectly to the inside of most car windows with no gaps.

Doesn’t Affect Window Function

Applied to the inside of the window, you can still put the window down.

Not Seen From Outside

Completely invisible from outside the car, so it doesn’t affect the visual look of your vehicle.

Long Lasting & Durable

Your curious little passengers cannot pull them off. Nor will they fade, deteriorate, stretch, or flap.

Toddler Tints Dimensions:

One size fits all: 800mm (W) x 600mm (H) and are cut to fit.

Tints are sold individually giving your kids the opportunity to pick a different print each!


Follow this link for instructional video on installation https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SQX8l-YWTZk


toddler tints™ is a registered trade mark and product name. This product is a car shade designed for back passenger windows only. It should not be used on the front windshield, front side windows or rear windscreen. toddler tints Pty Ltd cannot verify the quality, type, effectiveness or strength of any existing tint should one be installed on the vehicle windows, nor can toddler tints Pty Ltd verify that toddler tints™ shade has been installed or removed as recommended. To the fullest extent permitted by law toddler tints Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any damage incurred to any existing window tinting or to the toddler tints™ shade as a result of installing or removing the Toddler Tints™ shade on car window/s.


The VLT (visual light transmission) of toddler tints™ is 43% on 3/16" glass. Regulations for window coverings vary in differing jurisdictions and it is the responsibility of the installer to be satisfied with local regulations. A shade should not be installed if it impedes the drivers vision. toddler tints™